Raptive Voices: Meet Becca Clark, VP of Creator Partnerships Management

Lauren Lauren Fitzpatrick

Welcome to Raptive Voices, where we highlight the talented team members who work to propel our creators to new heights.

Today we’re featuring Becca Clark, VP of Creator Partnerships Management. Becca leads the team that works directly with Raptive’s largest creators to help them succeed in all areas of their business, whether that’s increasing their ad revenue, reaching a new audience, or hiring new employees.

She told us why human connection is at the heart of her work, and what creators bring to the table that traditional media outlets don’t.

How does the Creator Partnerships Management team work with Raptive creators? 

We’re a team of ten who work directly with our largest and most influential creators. Our job is to see them, know them, and be their liaison. We figure out creative ways to help them achieve their goals and remove any challenges in their way. On any given day we talk to creators about a wide range of topics: increasing ad revenue, brand partnerships, building a team, or the latest Google change. 

Creators sometimes come to us from networks where they felt like they had to take the lead or initiate conversations. We’re proactively coming to them with ideas and suggestions, and following through with what we say we’re going to do. We are a partner across all areas of a creator’s business

What new challenges do you see creators facing today?

The creator landscape is evolving significantly, and the number of hats creators have to wear has grown exponentially. Successful creators have to excel at so many things. They’re having to navigate frequent Google algorithm changes, generative AI, steep competition, multiple social media channels, site maintenance and speed concerns, privacy and regulatory issues, and so much more. 

We’ve heard creators who have been doing this for over 10 years say “If I had to enter this industry now, I never would have done it.” Then we have creators who just started 1-2 years ago and are already at the Platinum or above level—it’s wild! 

At Raptive we often say that creators are the future of media. What are creators bringing to the table that large media outlets aren’t?

Independent creators are redefining the industry in so many ways. They have a unique, personal, direct connection with their audience, which allows them to be innovative in a way that traditional media outlets often struggle to achieve. 

As a culture and individuals, we crave authenticity and connection, and no matter who you are, or what you’re interested in, you’re able to find content that resonates and will keep you coming back for more.

There’s a level of trust with creators you don’t get with large media companies—if one of our food or home creators is recommending something, I know it’s good.

Relationships are at the core of what you do. How do you build genuine relationships with creators? 

It starts by being human. Every opportunity we can get to have face time with creators makes such a big difference. I know their family and their kids by name; there’s a personal connection there. We deeply and genuinely care about each creator we work with. 

My social channels are filled with our creators: Just One Cookbook, Lil’Luna, Chris Loves Julia, Tastes Better from Scratch, Young House Love, Half Baked Harvest, Bless This Mess, and so many more. It doesn’t feel like work because I enjoy their content and have for years. It makes me so happy when I go to a friend’s house and see one of our creators’ cookbooks on their kitchen counter!

What do you like most about working with creators?

It’s a blessing and a privilege to get to know the faces behind the brands that I’ve loved and followed for so long and play a role in helping them succeed. The world doesn’t need more massive corporations or giant platforms running the digital media industry—I’m here to help people create the content we love and ensure they make a great living while doing it.