Creators are the brands of the future


Creators are the brands of the future

Connect authentically with the world’s most passionate and engaged audiences through Raptive, home to a premium network of diverse, independent content creators shaping culture and trends.

Creators $are$ the brands of the future

*Comscore, January 2024

$Harness$ the power of human connection

Harness the power of human connection

Expand your reach beyond social. Premium creator environments engage audiences.

  • 50% more inspiring, useful, and trustworthy than social media
  • 16% more engaging than Instagram
  • Fans of creator sites are 40% more likely to have purchase intent for brands they see advertised on creator pages

Creator websites command attention

creator websites command attention
Raptive Represents

Raptive Represents

Unlock direct access to premium, diverse media at scale. Get connected to diverse-owned media with ease through our partnerships with BOMESI and MAVEN

*Jounce, 2023

INSIGHT: Parents turn to Raptive content to navigate back-to-school

Tap into trends with Raptive Data Studio

We specialize in fostering deep connections between audiences and creators using advanced AI technology to analyze our audience interaction data. Our unique ID graph, tailored for a cookieless future, enables precise ad placement during peak attention moments, delivering exceptional engagement and results.

The Raptive difference

Leverage the power of creator voice and our proprietary insights to design the most powerful solutions.

Turnkey custom high-impact solutions

Leverage your assets in rich media; add creator content and endorsement in display, social, and shoppable media

Performant standard media

Target hyper-relevant audiences through contextual targeting, video, display, programmatic, and direct

Contextual takeovers

Access customized subject matter sponsorships, tentpole moments, and bespoke content packages

Ultra premium, higher-touch opportunities

The sky is the limit with creator content and experiences, brand integrations, and product usage across creator platforms

Direct path to our inventory

Our high quality and efficiency make your investment work harder

Let’s $connect$

Let’s connect

Creators are the future of media. And together, the future is ours to create.