Consumers prefer creators. Creators prefer Raptive.


Consumers prefer creators. Creators prefer Raptive.

We’re Raptive, the world’s largest creator company with exclusive access to 4,000+ of the most influential independent creators in the world.



$Future-proof$ your connections

Future-proof your connections

No matter what changes on the web, the desire for a personality-based, approachable authority will continue to grow as the alternative to faceless media brands and robotic service content. Connect with your consumers by aligning with the authentic voices and trusted environments of our creators.

Creator-centric and consumer-focused

Creator-centric and consumer-focused

Our deep relationships with creators mean a different level of authenticity and access for our ad partners:

  • Premium, brand-safe creator environments
  • Deeply engaged audiences who prefer and trust creators
  • Content ecosystems inclusive of creators' websites, social profiles, and brand extensions
  • Consumer-first, creator-centric advertising partnerships

*Raptive Digital Habits Study

$Reaching$ the audiences you want

Reaching the audiences you want

We bring diversity of creator, content and audience—at scale. No matter what story you’re trying to tell, we have the fresh perspectives, unique voices, and endemic environments that help you build and amplify your message.

  • 70% of the US
  • 96% of women in the US
  • 72% of Gen Z
  • 250 ethnically & culturally diverse creators

The Raptive difference

Our dynamic marketing programs bring together the right mix of media and creator influence to meet your goals.

Content solutions

Curated and authentic inclusion by our creators leveraging their own voice and expertise; lives endemically on site and in social

Creator experiences

Experiential marketing, in-store activations, events, and product development

Custom ad solutions

Leverage creator content in display, social, and shoppable media

Targeted media solutions

Hyper-relevant audience and contextual targeting, video/display, programmatic, direct

Turnkey sponsorships

Content calendars, tentpole moments, bespoke content packages

Let’s $connect$

Let’s connect

Creators are the future of media. And together, the future is ours to create.