About us

Building a creator-first future

About us

Building a creator-first future

Using smart technology combined with years of media industry know-how, we’re on a mission to help creators and businesses grow.

$Building$ a creator-first future


Our story

Our story

Like you, we’ve become really, really good at something special: helping creators and businesses grow. Since the very beginning of blogging, we’ve been allies and advocates for every kind of creator, with a seat at every table in the industry.

But the industry is changing. From cookies to search to AI, the landscape is constantly evolving. Platforms are clashing for connection and eyeballs, algorithmic superiority and global dominance, and creators are right at the center.

Raptive champions creators and helps them compete head-on with the biggest media companies and enables them to reach their next simply by doing what they—and we—love.

Creators are the future of media. And together, the future is ours to create.

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$Meet$ our leadership team

Meet our leadership team

We’re dedicated to supporting our creators and partners and passionate about leading innovation in the creator economy to deliver on our mission to create a creator-first future.

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