Raptive Voices: Meet Ryo Chiba, VP of Product Engineering

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Raptive Voices: Meet Ryo Chiba, VP of Product Engineering

Welcome to Raptive Voices, where we highlight the talented team members who work to propel our creators to new heights.

Meet Ryo Chiba, VP of Product Engineering. Ryo co-founded Topic, an AI-powered content optimization solution now exclusive to Raptive creators. He told us how Raptive prioritizes creators in product development, why creators should get on board early with AI, and what excites him the most about AI’s potential.

Tell us about your role at Raptive. What does a typical day look like for you? 

As VP of Product Engineering I oversee and help direct engineering efforts related to building new AI and SEO capabilities within the Raptive product suite. That includes Topic briefs, Keyword Research, Content Ideas, all of these different products designed to help creators grow search traffic. 

How do you bridge the gap between technology and humanity when creating new products? 

We center our creators in everything we do. Building a product starts with going deep to fully understand creator needs and workflows. We get in the weeds of the tools they’re using, how they’re using them, how often, and what’s most valuable to them. Then we look at how we can create a solution that fits in seamlessly without disrupting workflow or having to learn something totally new. 

We’re not designing things in a box—it’s really about getting out there and talking to creators. 

What would you say to creators who are concerned about the impact of AI?

The way content is created and distributed is always changing, and AI is part of the timeline now. It makes producing content cheaper and faster, but there’s a level of quality that can only be achieved with the skills and knowledge our creators have. It’s why Raptive is so focused on protecting creators as AI gains traction—nothing can replace their original voices. 

It’s important to acknowledge the risks, but equally important for creators to get on board early so they can find ways to leverage AI. The combination of creator authenticity and automation is where AI is most powerful. We’re focused on helping creators take control of AI through our solutions, resources, and webinars. 

Ryo’s tips for getting started with generative AI 

  1. Start experimenting with ChatGPT in your workflows. 
  2. Don’t give up if the results are inconsistent. It’s not rocket science, but takes iteration and experimentation.
  3. For Raptive creators, keep using the products and services available through Raptive to gain AI literacy—we’re continuing to roll out new AI-related tools and even more are coming soon. 

What are you most excited about in terms of our products and AI? 

Our creators are really at the forefront of the folks who can best take advantage of this technology. There’s a huge opportunity for creators to unlock a whole other level through AI, where they can scale their unique knowledge and skill to compete with major publishers. For me, the exciting part is figuring out how we can connect the dots so creators can integrate AI into their everyday content creation processes. 

AI played a big part in this year’s Raptive Hackathon. Will we see any new products as a result? 

I’ve been part of a lot of hackathons, and one of the biggest challenges is taking the ideas from a concept to a place of actual value. The tech org here is really mature, and we’ve been able to do that successfully. Last year’s hackathon inspired Keyword Research, a feature that is now available to all Raptive creators. This year’s hackathon sparked several viable projects, and we want to make those a reality even faster. 

What is Raptive doing with AI that other companies aren’t? 

We differentiate our products by incorporating AI to offer solutions others don’t have. It’s only possible to build what we’re building with the level of investment Raptive has put into engineers and product folks—it all starts with bringing together the best team possible. That’s why we’re able to leapfrog the competition, whether it’s from an ad code standpoint, the way we use AI in our products, or providing the best possible service for our creators. 

What’s your favorite part about what you do? 

Working with creators to make a difference in their lives. Often they’ve started their journey as a hobby or passion project that has grown beyond their wildest dreams. The income creators get from being part of the Raptive network is life-changing and it’s very fulfilling to be a part of that.