Expanding to Elevate Creators

Michael Michael Sanchez

The Big Picture 

For over ten years, AdThrive has been the leading ad manager in the industry and the single largest source of digital ads globally. The driving force behind this success is our incredible community of creators*. 

Collectively, our creators reach 72% of the U.S. population and are as big as some of the largest media companies and platforms. This position has firmly placed us in the top ten of the Comscore rankings, the industry’s gauge of the largest and best ad audience.

Unlike AdThrive creators, large companies have extensive teams and resources to grow their audiences, develop new revenue streams, and operate their businesses. With more support and resources, we believe our creators will be better equipped to reach the next level and grow thriving independent businesses. 

Over the past few years, we’ve continued to grow a powerhouse team. We’ve assessed the landscape, listened to the needs and aspirations of creators, and developed new solutions that will empower creators to proactively lean into what’s next and reach new heights.

And as a result, we’re transforming how we support creators now and in the future. Today we’re excited to unveil our new and expanded solutions and service levels. Together, our industry-leading ad management and these new solutions and service levels will ensure creators continue to earn the most revenue and build thriving businesses. 

*In the same way we’re expanding our solutions, we’re also expanding our language. Why? Because we believe “creators” better captures the breadth and depth of the various roles of the people we serve—creators of amazing content, creators of thriving businesses, creators of communities, and more. 

Solutions for What Comes Next

Kicking off in January and rolling out throughout 2023, AdThrive creators will have access to a variety of new and expanded solutions in three core areas: Audience, Revenue, and Business—identified as the key pillars for success after years of working with the best creators.

Here’s an overview of what’s coming:

Build and engage Audiences

Creators can grow traffic with our world-class SEO solutions Topic and Content Ideas (with even more features and support in 2023), turn casual visitors into loyal readers with Slickstream, create more robust email marketing campaigns, and so much more.

Seize the opportunity to capture more Revenue

Our ad management will continue to be the best on the market with the growth of our direct sales efforts, continued innovation across our ad code, and an increase in unique demand partners. Time and time again, this combination delivers the most earnings to AdThrive creators. 

Additionally, advertisers have expressed the desire to move their budgets away from platforms and spend more with high-quality independent creators. In 2023, we will continue dramatically expanding our industry presence and sales team to further elevate our creators and ensure they capture the most revenue. 

And to take this another step forward, we’re bringing new innovative opportunities for creators to diversify and capture more revenue through affiliate marketing, branded merchandise, and premium experiences. These are currently being piloted, with new opportunities and resources rolling out as they become available. 

Helping every creator uniquely grow their Business

As an entrepreneur, building a business and managing a team is hard. That’s why we’re launching new solutions that power our creators’ businesses through audience insights, recruiting and HR operations, personal and executive coaching, and personal wealth planning.

Our Expanded Solutions At A Glance

Taking Creators to the Next Level

Last year, we introduced our Platinum level of service for creators who earn $250K or more in annual ad revenue to provide enhanced services and perks. Since then, we watched this customized support propel Platinum members further, faster than we ever thought possible. We also realized as creators grow, their needs grow too. 

We want to provide this same momentum to every AdThrive creator. As a result, we’re introducing an expanded, powerful set of service levels to encourage the long-term success of all AdThrive creators.

Today, in addition to Platinum, we’re announcing three new service levels launching in January 2023: Insider, Platinum Elite, and Luminary.

Our New Service Levels At A Glance 

Each level of service is tailored to our creators’ needs and scales in benefits as they grow. Depending on the solution and the level of service, we have a range of benefits. From access to best-in-class tools, resources, and experts, to participation in small group cohorts, customized one-on-one programs, and full-service implementation. We are excited to work with our creators to deliver the right solutions to help them succeed on their own terms.

How does this work? 

All AdThrive creators will receive an email shortly with the details on their service levels and the incredible benefits that come with it. Moving forward, each quarter, we’ll notify new creators who qualify for higher levels of service based on their earnings.  

What’s next?

And this is only the beginning. Whether hiring the best industry leaders and experts or acquiring best-in-class companies like Topic and Slickstream, we will continue to ensure our creators have access to everything they need to grow their businesses and succeed in an ever-changing world. We are committed to being a long-term partner and catalyst to all AdThrive creators–helping them reach new levels of success on their own terms. 

Stay tuned for much more in the months ahead!