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Protect the content you love in the age of AI

AI is transforming how people create, share, and find information in world-shaping ways we haven’t seen since the invention of the printing press. It holds wildly exciting potential but also massive risks to our larger society and the content creators we know and love.

Quality content matters
High-quality content is the lifeblood of society. Great content educates, inspires, and entertains us all. The internet democratized content creation, and now content creators span the gamut from big media companies to real people sharing their knowledge—and everything in between. 

AI presents an existential risk to human creators of content
Over the last several decades, the largest tech platforms have amassed excessive power, while the humans that create content have been an afterthought, gaining a tiny share of the economic pie. 

With the rise of generative AI, giant tech companies are poised to dangerously expand their power by scraping and repurposing the intellectual property of human content creators. They’ve made it easier and faster than ever to flood the internet with low-quality and even harmful content that creates a negative experience for people online. Search platforms are now showing AI-generated results, cutting out the creator entirely. 

All of these developments endanger the content we love along with the livelihoods of tens of millions of content creators worldwide.

Together, we must raise our voices and act now
Every day that passes, tech companies are making foundational decisions without sufficiently considering how this will impact the humans that create the content that powers the internet and AI technology itself. Creators and those who love their content must unite and raise their voices.

AI companies and creators can work together for the benefit of everyone. But only if all parties adopt three guiding principles:

1. Content creators’ interests must be a central consideration. 

Key stakeholders—AI companies and search platforms, regulators and governments, advertisers and ad agencies—must consider the impact on content creators in all decisions that shape our AI future. 

2. Trust and transparency must be preserved.

In a world where trust in every sector and institution is at a historic low, AI threatens to make this even worse. We must develop standards that give consumers transparency to understand when humans, machines, or a combination generate content. We must safeguard trusted content as the cornerstone of a healthy online ecosystem.

3. Content creators deserve control and compensation. 

AI platforms train on content they didn’t create and are already disrupting the livelihoods of those who did. Creators own their work and should control and be compensated for the agreed-upon use of their content.

If you agree creators’ rights and livelihoods should be protected and want to preserve quality content on the internet, make your voice heard by signing below.

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