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At Raptive, we operate on data. It’s what powers our phenomenal ad code, and what helps us identify content trends that both advertisers and Raptive creators can tap into. With over 5,000 of the world’s best content creators in the Raptive network, it’s no wonder 80% of the US population relies on Raptive sites to get the information they’re looking for.

We recently took a peek at what’s trending in the world of fitness, based on network-wide pageview increases from 2022 to 2023. While we always expect fitness content to surge in popularity during January, these five trends have been gaining traffic and we expect to see them staying strong through 2024.

The creator perspective

We talked to three Raptive fitness creators to get their thoughts on some of these rising content trends: Simon Loughran of runbundle.com, Gina Harney of fitnessista.com, and James de Lacey of liftbigeatbig.com.

Here’s what they told us!

On mile running, up 800%

Simon Loughran

Professional running coach and creator of runbundle.com

It’s a really exciting time for middle-distance running, with Faith Kipyegon setting world records in both the 1500 meters and the mile last year. However, the rising popularity of the distance is mainly due to the “daily mile” challenges that social media content creators have adopted.

Trends in running have historically mirrored the popularity of famous runners. However, the mile is special in that it’s a familiar distance to all and has the benefit of being short enough to be widely accessible but long enough to require some effort. For these reasons, it’s likely to continue to crop up in challenges and to continue trending.

Many features of the mile make it different from longer distances, such as 5 kilometers and the marathon, which are the typical focus of content, so creators and advertisers can seize the opportunity to provide training plans and tips specific to this distance. Advertisers could consider the unique requirements of the distance in terms of running gear and equipment.

On power walking, up 253%

Gina Harney

Certified personal trainer and founder of fitnessista.com

Zone 2 cardio has increased in popularity, and many readers are looking for ways to maintain activity levels without high-impact workouts. Power walking can be beneficial for mood, heart health, maintaining a healthy weight, weight loss, an energy boost—and it’s free! Power walking is also a great cardio option for beginners and those who are returning to a fitness routine after a hiatus.

I think power walking will continue to evolve as more people meet up with friends for walking dates instead of dinners and cocktails out, and as more readers add walking pads to their home office spaces. I think the trend will expand with tech integration, community involvement, corporate wellness, and a focus on holistic health.

There are so many advertising possibilities related to power walking, especially wearable technology, sneakers, weighted vests, walking pads, athletic wear and athleisure, recovery tools, strength workouts to complement a walking routine, healthy nutrition staples, hydration, and sleep hygiene.

On deadlifting, up 150%

James de Lacey

Strength & conditioning coach and owner of liftbigeatbig.com

It’s not just deadlifting that’s becoming more popular. It’s strength training boosting this trend. More people are realizing and understanding endless cardio isn’t getting them to their physique goals and are slowly shifting toward lifting weights as the means to do so.

Lifting weights is only becoming more popular and heavy compound exercises like deadlifting aren’t seen as a “hardcore, male-only” exercise any longer. Women, youth, and older adults are performing the deadlift to develop strength and muscle mass and the trend will continue to grow in favor of deadlifting.

It means we have a greater audience to talk to about the benefits of strength training and heavy compound exercises. Brands and advertisers can appeal to a specific demographic outside of the stereotypical “gym bro” to spread their message.

We’ll be back next month for a look at what’s trending in the world of sports!

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