Raptive is now a Premier Google Certified Publishing Partner

Brynne Brynne Delerson

Raptive has been a member of the GCPP (Google Certified Publishing Partner) program for years. GCPP is Google’s program that assures creators that their partner has been carefully evaluated by Google and is a proven expert in Google products.

Over the years, we’ve won a number of awards from the program recognizing our performance, innovation, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion efforts, and commitment to customer satisfaction and service.

Now, Google is rolling out an exclusive new tier of partnership to recognize the top performers in our industry who have proven success in quality, size, and commitment to helping creators and publishers.

Raptive is proud to be included in the GCPP Premier program—it shows that we’ve met rigorous qualification standards, we’ve been carefully vetted, and we’ve received high satisfaction rankings from the creators and publishers we work with.

As a Premier partner, we’ll have new exclusive opportunities to connect with Google experts and teams with things like 1:1 office hours, feedback sessions, and roundtables where we can work together to do even more to support creators.