Raptive welcomes the second all-female class of BIPOC creators to Remarkable Voices Spring 2023

Lauren Lauren Fitzpatrick

Congratulations and welcome to the Spring 2023 class of Remarkable Voices! These incredible BIPOC creators have been making waves across the country in beauty, disability advocacy, fashion, finance, food, and travel.

They’ll spend this spring immersed in workshops, office hours, and more as they work with industry experts and peers to supercharge their digital brands. 

Art by Nichole Washington

Here are the twelve game-changing women joining the fifth edition of Remarkable Voices: Venita Aspen, Jazz Avery, Emma Cortes Ellendt, Sally Elbassir, Calandra R. Etsitty, Gerry Isabelle, Capri Lilly, Cece Meadows, Mabel A. Nuñez, Tamika Price, Jen Ruiz, and Tiffany Yu.

They’ll join 46 Remarkable Voices alumni from previous editions, all changing digital media for the better. 

Applications are now open for the sixth edition of Remarkable Voices, kicking off in the fall of 2023. Visit remarkable-voices.com for more information. 

As the world’s largest collective of independent creators working toward a creator-first future, Raptive is committed to playing a role in democratizing the media landscape and leveling the playing field for content creators from under-represented groups, including members of the BIPOC community, through educational and networking opportunities.

Launched in Spring 2021, Remarkable Voices is a biannual Raptive initiative that empowers inspiring BIPOC content creators through community workshops, inspiring speakers, mentorships, and tangible skills to establish their brand presence for maximum impact.