More transparency for advertisers, more revenue opportunities for publishers

Sheri Sheri Repicci

Today, through our new partnership with The Trade Desk, advertisers have direct access to buy CafeMedia and AdThrive publishers’ premium advertising inventory via The Trade Desk’s new tool, OpenPath. 

Why is this big news? The Trade Desk is the second-largest demand-side digital advertising ecosystem behind Google (more than $5B advertising dollars run through TTD system each year), and demand-side platforms like The Trade Desk don’t typically work with publishers or ad management firms. But thanks to our huge scale, great relationships, and leading technology, the best companies in the industry look to us as their partners for new innovations and opportunities. 

Currently, it’s all too easy for advertisers to spend money with platforms and walled gardens like Facebook and Pinterest, and more complicated to target ad spend with independent publishers. We see the direct connection through OpenPath as an opportunity to push digital advertising forward and spur more innovation. We want to make it safe and easy for advertisers to spend money on the open web — all while achieving the same great results. 

And we’re already off to a great start! Early testing shows OpenPath will bring strong incremental revenue to our publishers that we believe will continue to scale up over time, and deliver stellar results for advertisers as well. 

We’re at a pivotal moment for the future of the free and open web as the end of third-party cookies approaches, and we move to a more private ecosystem. Anything we can do to reduce friction for advertisers to buy efficiently and effectively on the web is essential to maintaining a thriving content and advertising environment.

As an inaugural OpenPath partner and the only partner representing independent publishers, this is one of the many ways we continue to lead the way for more innovation and transparency for advertisers — and drive the highest RPMs and revenue for our publishers. This means a more sustainable ecosystem where advertisers can get exceptional performance while funding high-quality content and small business owners.