Publishers deserve three core commitments from us

Michael Michael Sanchez

Our mission is simple: we are building a creator-first future.

This means helping the highest-quality creators make a living doing what they love — not just today, but for the long term. 

We’re committed to serving you in three important ways:

  1. Delivering the highest RPMs and the best service
  2. Helping you survive and thrive in a continuously changing industry
  3. Making sure our business can withstand financial shocks and continue investing and paying you long into the future

1. Delivering the highest RPMs and the best service

You need to know that, at the end of the day, you are taking home the most money for the hard work you pour into your site.

To deliver on this, we invest heavily each year:

  • In our team, assembling an amazing group of people to serve our publishers, from performance analysts to developers to data scientists to technical support
  • In our technology, building the most-optimized ad code to bring our publishers the highest revenue
  • In building the deepest relationships and partnerships in the industry
  • In serving the unique needs of larger publishers with AdThrive Platinum
  • In data that allows us to bring you deep insights to optimize your earnings and grow your traffic

2. Helping you survive and thrive in a constantly changing industry

You need to know that your ad management company is ready for the future — whatever it looks like.

While COVID-19 and its associated economic impact rocked the ad industry in 2020, it was far from the biggest long-term threat to publishers’ livelihoods.

The fundamental challenge for independent publishers is figuring out how to survive and thrive in a world where the overwhelming share of advertising dollars is spent on the biggest platforms — even though YOU are the ones creating the highest-quality content and bringing unbelievable value to the internet.

This became even more urgent when early in 2020, Google announced that third-party cookies would be eliminated within just a few years — intensifying the struggle to connect content creators with the ad dollars they deserve.

Over the last several years, we’ve been developing strategies and building industry relationships to protect independent publishers when third-party cookies go away.

And we’ve even increased investments to support you through COVID, in a post-COVID world, and during future industry changes as well.

3. Making sure our business can withstand financial shocks and continue investing and paying you long into the future

You need to know you can rely on your ad payments and that your ad management company is financially sound.

We made the decision early on to invest strategically and responsibly so we can support publishers through times exactly like these. We’ve built financial stability to withstand massive shocks like COVID’s resulting economic crisis.

And we have the full support of a world-class private equity firm that shares our mission in helping the highest-quality publishers succeed.

ZMC is proud to support AdThrive and all of its world-class publishers. ZMC will continue to stand behind AdThrive, ensuring that all long-term investments are in place to help independent publishers not only through COVID-19, but also through major industry changes to come. We look forward to serving and meeting any needs they may have as they continue to serve the highest-quality publishers.

—Andrew Vogel, Co-Chief Investment Officer & Managing Partner, ZMC

Unforeseen crises like the COVID pandemic place unprecedented strain on the ad tech industry. Across the industry, ad management companies are digging into risk analyses.

The unfortunate truth is that many aren’t financially stable enough to withstand the loss of revenue the industry has seen so far, let alone future losses.

The financial risk is huge, and most companies understandably work hard to shield themselves. We want to shield publishers.

If any company involved in the ad technology pipeline is not able to pay, publishers traditionally get stuck with the consequences.

We have always covered these losses for AdThrive publishers, and we will continue to do so — officially.

The AdThrive Payment Guarantee means even if an advertiser doesn’t pay us, we still pay you.

2020 brought the most difficult advertising environment the world has seen since the advent of the internet. 2022 will bring even more tectonic changes. 

But our solid financial partnerships and foundation as a company give us the confidence that we can continue to deliver the highest RPMs in the industry for AdThrive publishers, no matter what the future brings.

We believe you deserve nothing less!