Over 100 ways we’re excited to serve publishers

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It’s an exciting time to be an AdThriver. Over the past several years, we’ve had tons of exciting news to share, and our team has grown from just a small handful in the very beginning to well over 100 team members working to support you and your business on a daily basis.

That’s over 100 people who have your back in this ever-changing online landscape. Over 100 people who love hearing your stories and playing a part in them — because getting to help content creators achieve their dreams is OUR dream job.

If you’re an AdThrive publisher, you probably know a handful of the team by name (or maybe even by face if we’ve met in person or if you’ve watched some of our Facebook Lives or webinars), but there are SO MANY other people serving you behind the scenes! We’ve been focusing on hiring like crazy, growing existing teams and creating entirely new departments.

And we now have over 100 reasons we’re convinced you won’t find better service or ad performance anywhere else.

team photo of AdThrive employees outside on a grassy field

Today, we’re sharing how over 100 people work each day to support your business…

The people you talk to every day

Setting up your account and maintaining the high standards of the AdThrive Community

From your very first email exchange with AdThrive, the onboarding team takes care of your site and walks you through every step of the application process! They work with each of our advertising partners for approval and create custom ad strategies for every site — nothing is cookie-cutter.

Out of 5 sites that apply, just 1 site will make it through our rigorous vetting process. We want to make sure that anyone who joins AdThrive lives up to the standards of the awesome sites already in our community!

It’s also one of the reasons premium advertisers choose to partner with AdThrive over other ad providers! Advertisers trust the quality of content and traffic from sites with AdThrive, so they’re willing to spend more to reach your audience.

Two employees talking and laughing at a table together

Installing ads and making changes to your unique ad setup

Our ad installation experts work to make removing old ad code and installing new AdThrive ads a seamless experience.

Once the AdThrive ad code is installed on your site, this team sets up every ad placement for your custom ad layout through our internal controls. They’re experts in dialing in the best ad positions, settings, and sizes so you’re running the best ad layout for your site’s unique traffic profile.

Anytime something changes in your site design or your ad layout preferences, they’re ready to jump into action to help update things!

Optimizing & auditing your ad performance

AdThrive ad performance experts work on the frontlines for you! They excel at turning data into actionable insights and breaking down the myriad of components that go into RPM to help you understand your ad performance.

They proactively monitor earnings through our alert system to catch and resolve any issues right away, work with ad partners on continued approvals for every site, and dig into every aspect of your site, Google Analytics, and ad reports to keep you earning well. They use these regular audits to reach out when they identify new insights or strategies to recommend and when exciting new ad features are available for your site!

A group of team members outside

Supporting your site and going beyond ads

The website development experts on our team don’t just understand ads. They’re problem-solvers at heart; deeply familiar with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other programming languages that go into creating a website. They’re mindful of how every feature of your site interacts with ads and are often able to drill down and troubleshoot issues that stump other developers — from site speed to 3rd-party plugins.

At the end of the day, perhaps 50% of the questions they answer are ad-related, but we understand everything is interconnected with online publishing. This team goes above and beyond with development and site optimization advice to help your site succeed!

A group of team members smiling at the camera

Helping you with your AdThrive account

Have you ever had questions about payments, 1099s, or adding collaborators to your AdThrive dashboard? Or maybe you needed a special letter from AdThrive to secure a mortgage.

The publisher experience team works to answer every question about your AdThrive account and our service that could possibly arise. That’s a lot of unique and complicated questions, but this team is happy to help untangle everything and make sure you get the answers you need!

Creating resources to bring you the best information

AdThrive’s Publisher Engagement and Education team works to put out helpful resources that keep our publishers thriving and growing!

They keep an active pulse on questions and hot topics among AdThrive publishers and do extensive research to help shape every piece of content. They work to make sure you’re always getting up-to-date and actionable information!

Person sitting at a desk working on a laptop

The people who support you behind the scenes

Developing industry-leading ad code

Whether tackling massive projects like rewriting the AdThrive ad codebase from scratch or running experiments to optimize every aspect of the ad auction process for you, our ad code development team is absolutely foundational to your AdThrive earnings.

This team handles dynamic ad injection (making sure ads are placed properly through the ad code) and bidder management (the nitty-gritty details of the auctions that take place for every ad slot on your site). This includes integrating new bidders, optimizing existing bidders, experiments around the timing of each ad auction, and making sure we’re broadcasting AdThrive publishers’ ad inventory in the best possible way to advertisers so they spend more.

They stay at the forefront of industry trends to rapidly deploy new code for anything that comes up, like fighting bad ad technology (redirect ads, for example) and making sure our ad code stays GDPR compliant with best practices and privacy regulations. Every ad code change goes through a strict deployment process, including extensive testing and staggered releases to protect your bottom-line revenue.

Creating awesome things for you

You have the product team to thank every time an awesome new feature shows up in your AdThrive dashboard! They gather wishlist items from our publishers and the AdThrive team and coordinate everything needed to make a dream feature a reality. They also manage and improve the internal tools our team uses, making it easier for us to support publishers each day.

There’s always something in the product pipeline, working its way from imagination to actionable development tasks, through testing and QA, to your screen!

Team members in costumes

Designing new ad products and building new advertiser relationships

Our programmatic operations team manages the demand side of advertising. This means they work with tons of different advertisers to maximize ad revenue for every ad placement we offer and optimize your “ad stack” (the finely-tuned way an ad gets from the advertiser to the reader on your site). They work with each of our advertising partners (and a lot of analytics) to make sure publishers are getting the very best CPMs and RPMs possible.

They also investigate promising ad opportunities, do lots of testing on new ad styles, then roll out the best options to the AdThrive community — like high-impact ad units that earn more!

Telling your story to advertisers and negotiating private marketplace (PMP) deals

Our sales team is one of the ways we’re able to bring you unique value. Unlike many other ad management firms that rely solely on technology and ad exchanges, we’ve built an industry-leading sales team over the years to bring you private marketplace (PMP) opportunities.

This team meets directly with brands and advertisers who control big-picture budgets, growing deep relationships, and carving out unique deals that are only available to AdThrive publishers. Every day, they tell your stories to advertisers to help them personally connect with the quality content AdThrive publishers create. This lets our sales team get much better rates for your ads through our private deals than are available on the open market.

These relationships often take years to bear fruit — but fortunately, our team has been at this for years. It’s rare to find our sales team members at home, as they’re crisscrossing the country building partnerships, and growing revenue for you!

A member of the sales team giving a presentation

Analyzing data and performance for you and distilling actionable insights

With thousands of sites, billions of pageviews, and hundreds of millions of ad impressions — AdThrive sites produce a tremendous amount of data each day!

Our data science and business intelligence teams pore through this data looking for ways we can help you grow your business and identify issues before they become problems. Combined with data from Marmalade, our proprietary artificial intelligence platform, this allows our sales and revenue teams to share deep audience insights with our advertising partners. This leads to more and bigger deals, increasing your ad revenue!

This team also combs the data for ways to provide insight directly back to AdThrive publishers, like sharing seasonal trends, educational series, or diving deep into ad performance and advertiser spending trends!

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Making sure you get paid on time, every time

In an industry that’s plagued with clawbacks (when an advertiser declines to pay for certain ad impressions), payment delays, and frequent ad company turnover, we believe you deserve to be paid on time, every time, for your incredible content. So much so that we guarantee your full payments, whether we get paid by advertisers or not. We want to be a beacon of stability for your business. On top of keeping finances in tip-top shape across the entire company, our finance team also makes sure your monthly ad earnings go out on time, every time.

Building an awesome team around our publisher-first values

Our recruiting team is always busy writing job descriptions, reviewing resumes, and handling interviews to keep building our team to serve you even more. We like to say we’re “looking for unicorns” in the hiring process — people who are a great fit for the AdThrive culture, heart, and publisher-first philosophy.

For us, investing in assembling this team is a no-brainer, because it’s investing in creating the absolute best support network for our publishers!

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That’s not all…

(By a long shot.)

But it’s a pretty great start to breaking down how over 100 smiling faces come together each day, from all across the US, to help you make as much as possible from the ads on your site.

Keep publishing. Keep sharing your stories with our team. Keep celebrating your successes and milestones (our Facebook group is a great place for that!).

We’ve got your back!