Raptive: the future of AdThrive is now

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Raptive: the future of AdThrive is now

Over the years at AdThrive, some things have always stayed the same—like our commitment to putting creators first in everything we do.

The best creators in the world are right here, in our community. We’re dazzled by the content you create and the difference you make.

Some of you have been here since AdThrive was just a dream and a spreadsheet. You remember the days of ad waterfalls and daisy chains and those shared moments of, “Wow. This could really be something.” And look what we’ve done together!

Other things have evolved beyond our wildest dreams, like finding new ways to help creators make moves, expand and elevate, and get to the next level—whatever that looks like for each of you and the fiercely independent creative businesses you’ve built.

And as you’ve grown, and we’ve grown together, we’ve found the reach and impact of our powerhouse of creators has outgrown both the names AdThrive and CafeMedia.

We started with ads—and pioneered an entire business model that lets creators make a living doing what they love. That isn’t changing.

But take a moment and imagine what’s next with us…

Creators are the future of media—and together, the future is ours to create

Imagine a future where creators own the web.

In a world where social media platforms clash for eyeballs and AI spits out unoriginal content that’s sometimes just wrong, your voice and the trusted, high-quality content you create are more important than ever—and we want to keep it that way.

To us, this looks like supercharging the world’s top creators so you have everything you need to compete head-to-head with the biggest media companies and platforms.

It looks like helping brands and advertisers tap into the most powerful, trusted, captivating community on the internet—yours—so they can put their money where it matters.

And it looks like championing you every step of the way as your advocate and ally, steering the industry forward.

Meet Raptive: our new brand

Today, AdThrive and CafeMedia are now Raptive.

We’re your strategic partner, working hand-in-hand with you, equipping you with expert advice, smarter strategies and solutions, ad management, tailored technology, and inspired opportunities across every part of your business.

You won’t find “Raptive” in the dictionary (yet). Like “Google” or “Netflix”, Raptive is a coined word. It belongs 100% to us and our creators.

“Rapt,” meaning to be completely fascinated by what you’re seeing or hearing, is inspired by our creator community. The perfect description for how we—and hundreds of millions of other people on the internet each month—feel about our passionate and dedicated creators.

The “–ive” on the end makes it active. Raptive is a place to make moves. Shake things up. Get to what’s next, and what’s next after that.

Raptive lets us speak to the world in a stronger, more unified way

For years, AdThrive and CafeMedia have been one company using different names for different audiences who are most familiar with what we do under each brand: ad management for creators as AdThrive; working throughout the ad industry as CafeMedia. If you’ve ever wondered, that’s why our dashboard says “AdThrive,” but the sites we partner with say “Elite CafeMedia publisher” in the footer for our advertising partners.

Unifying our brand helps everyone we work with—from advertisers to creators to ad tech partners—appreciate the full scope of opportunities available:

  • As we partner with the biggest advertisers and brands to transform how they think about their marketing budgets and bring ad dollars back to creators, not platforms
  • As we work with legislators to advocate for creators and show how regulations impact real small businesses
  • And as we work with leaders across the industry to decide how ad technology works and how the internet grows and changes

This is a defining moment for our company, and for content creators: a clear and powerful brand lets us take the creator-first future to a whole new level.

Raptive is a wide world of possibilities and a strong, beating heart that isn’t changing

Our name might be changing, but what you love about the service and revenue and solutions and opportunities you have with AdThrive and CafeMedia today will stay the same—or get even better! We absolutely love what we’ve built together.

Raptive is all about more.

  • More money in your pocket
  • More eyes on your content
  • More tools, resources, and strategies at your fingertips
  • More ways to elevate you and the work that you do
  • More ways to connect you to the best brands and advertisers
  • More ways to build the future of the internet

Stay tuned—we’re excited to get to what’s next, together.