Introducing the new team dedicated to developing new revenue streams for creators

Michael Michael Michael Sanchez
Introducing the new team dedicated to developing new revenue streams for creators

Over the last ten years, AdThrive has helped amazing independent publishers earn the ad revenue that reflects the quality of their content and the engagement of their audience.  As we look to the next chapter in digital media, we see the biggest companies and platforms are increasingly complementing their advertising revenue with a range of new ways to earn revenue from their content.

While we are just getting started, we believe independent publishers should also be able to meaningfully diversify their revenue streams.  

To build these powerful capabilities on behalf of our publishers, we’ve brought together a world class team of executives who are in the early stages of developing ways our publishers can unlock new revenue streams ranging from owned communities, premium experiences, branded merchandise and commerce to distribution of publisher content onto other platforms. 

The best opportunities will vary from publisher to publisher but developing new revenue streams are a powerful way to deepen publishers’ relationships with their audience and strengthen their overall brand.

The new team brings together marketing, media, and entertainment heavy-weights Dan Ghosh-Roy, Catherine Connors, and Samyr Laine. They collectively bring decades of experience from some of the world’s largest brands and entertainment companies, including The Walt Disney Company, Beyoncé’s Parkwood Entertainment, Will and Jada Pinkett Smith’s Westbrook, Jay-Z’s Roc Nation, and more.

The team is piloting various programs with a number of publishers and creators including Yoga with Adriene, DJ Jazzy Jeff, jetsonmade, Downshiftology, Bigger Bolder Baking and Inside The Magic.

Stay tuned for more information, resources, and ways to participate as we learn from our pilots and further build the team. We are excited to help publishers diversify their revenues and build their businesses for the long-term!