Google delays the removal of third-party cookies until 2024

Paul Paul Bannister

Yesterday, Google’s Vice President of the Privacy Sandbox, Anthony Chavez, announced Google will delay the deprecation of third-party cookies until 2024. They credit the delay to providing the advertising industry more time to test and evaluate solutions–which aligns with the agreement they have in place with the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) on how they develop and release the Privacy Sandbox in Chrome worldwide.

We welcome the delay as it will give us and the industry more time to test and ensure independent publishers are covered now and in the future. 

Given the short-term challenges the advertising industry is facing, we have focused our efforts and attention on optimizing everything we do to ensure minimal disruption and impact to our publishers while other ad-focused businesses are seeing declines. 

We look forward to working with Google and the rest of the industry to continue testing and evaluating various alternative 3PC technologies, and advocating for independent publishers amid industry changes.

As we’ve discussed previously, the future of advertising will be a “patchwork quilt” of advertising solutions. It will be very complicated. Giving the industry more time to fully build and evaluate new features is undoubtedly a good outcome for its overall health.