Case Study: How a sports site owner used Content Optimization to increase pageviews and revenue by 300%

Lauren Lauren Fitzpatrick


  • Emil Shour acquired a sports site with only 14 posts but steady traffic
  • He used Content Optimization to create almost 200 posts in less than a year 
  • Overall pageviews and monthly ad earnings increased by 300% year-over-year


Emil Shour acquired multiple sports sites with the potential for significant growth. The main site only had 14 posts but had been hovering around 50,000 monthly pageviews for several years. 

Emil’s goal was to quickly create optimized content to increase search traffic. He tested several SEO tools but found that he was paying high prices for bells and whistles he didn’t need. Emil specifically wanted a content grader and outline builder so he could easily create content briefs to pass to his writers.


When Emil’s main site reached 100,000 pageviews, he brought his sites to Raptive from Ezoic. He instantly gained free access to our Content Optimization solution, which included the SEO features he was looking for. 

It’s an easy way to create briefs for your writers and grade that content to be as thorough as possible to rank high on Google.

Emil Shour

Content Optimization was a one-stop-shop for Emil when planning new content. He used the ‘Questions to Answer’ feature in the Competitive Analysis section to make each article comprehensive and competitive. 

“I looked for the questions that no one else was covering, and what things were being covered as a baseline,” he said. “It gave me a really transparent view of the landscape.”


In less than a year, Emil used Content Optimization to create nearly 200 new posts, all optimized for SEO. After just one year, he increased site traffic by 300%, with one of his newly created posts accounting for 8% of total site traffic. The site also increased monthly ad revenue by 300%. 

“Since there wasn’t a large library when I took over the site I really used Content Optimization for creating new content. A brief probably takes me 15 minutes on average,” he said. “Without Content Optimization it could be up to an hour for each one. It would really slow down the process.”

2022 earnings and pageview growth for Emil’s main sports site

“Content Optimization is such an important part of my content creation workflow. It’s a good tool to have in the arsenal.”

Content Optimization

Raptive’s Content Optimization solution uses AI technology to analyze search results and offer suggestions on making your content more competitive. Get the data insights you need to drive search traffic, from keyword analysis to powerful audience development features and performance metrics, all from your Raptive dashboard.