How Raptive Creators Doubled Search Traffic Overnight

Lauren Lauren Fitzpatrick

At Raptive, we’re committed to helping our creators grow their business, whether it’s by increasing their revenue per pageview or by helping them grow their audience. Search engine optimization (SEO), or optimizing content to attract readers from search engines like Google, plays a big role in audience growth. In fact, in our creator survey this past spring, 98% of our creators told us that improving SEO was a key focus.

With the launch of our first Growth Solution — Content Optimization — we are proud to help creators do just that. We’re making Topic, the industry’s leading SEO technology, available exclusively to Raptive creators. Through a direct integration, we are now providing our creators with an actionable solution to optimize existing content and create new content that will perform well in search results.

To date, creators in the Content Optimization Beta have used the technology to update more than 700 posts and have seen significant increases in traffic and revenue for the pages they have optimized. From food sites to DIY sites, creators are seeing immediate, meaningful results.

Here are just a few case studies from across our community of creators. 

Just Plain Cooking

Food site Just Plain Cooking has dozens of dessert posts. Creator Marie Beausoleil used our Content Optimization solution to optimize her post for Sugar Pie. The results were astounding. Almost immediately after the post was optimized, pageviews from search jumped by more than 227%. Even more, each time the page appeared on search results pages for relevant keywords, the clickthrough rate more than doubled.

“I love you guys. Thank you. I’ve been trying to figure out which posts I should do and for which keywords. This helps SO much.”

Just Plain Cooking’s Marie Beausoleil 

The Cookin’ Chicks

Family cooking site The Cookin’ Chicks shares recipes that are family-approved and easy to make. The Cookin’ Chicks used our Content Optimization solution to update the post “The Easiest Crock Pot Crack Chicken” After content updates, the post saw a nearly 3x jump in daily pageviews coming from search engine traffic and a nearly 4x jump in search queries themselves. The page has also enjoyed an outsized improvement in monetization, with revenue from search growing 5x since optimization. 

Tip Junkie

Holiday, game, and DIY site Tip Junkie used our Content Optimization technology to optimize an existing post featuring homemade printable bookmarks. After updating the post’s structure and page descriptions and making other recommended tweaks Laurie (aka The Tip Junkie) was floored to see search volume grow 112%. 

“Amazing!! That description generator blows my mind! It’s incredible–the semantically related words that are included are so helpful and it uses writing that’s so personable and friendly. One word…WOW.”

Tip Junkie

Fit Foodie Finds

Who doesn’t love egg rolls? The team behind Fit Foodie Finds used our Content Optimization technology to create a content brief to improve the performance of its recipe page for Egg Rolls in a Bowl. By following the recommendations provided in the content brief, Fit Foodie Finds saw the post jump in Google search results, from the 68th position to the 6th position. This improvement drove a 295% jump in search pageviews in a matter of days and a 12x increase overall in page monetization. 

“Wow, this is so cool! We’re seeing great success so far and will use this for literally every post we can!”

Fit Foodie Finds

From creating an outline to knowing what topics to include, questions to answer, the competitive landscape and more, our Content Optimization solution makes it easy for our creators to grow traffic and revenue. 

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