Case Study: Gardening Know How earns more at Raptive regardless of revenue share

Hope Hope Kelly


  • Gardening Know How’s previous ad network offered a 100% revenue share in an effort to retain their business
  • Raptive conducted a full revenue analysis confirming that Gardening Know How would earn more at Raptive
  • Gardening Know How saw a 36% RPM increase after switching to Raptive

Gardening Know How is the go-to website for over 180 million gardening enthusiasts each year, who come to find trusted information and inspiration to create the garden of their dreams.


Gardening Know How wanted to drive higher earnings for their display ads, video ads, and direct-sold deals. Their previous partner offered a 100% revenue share to retain their business, so Gardening Know How needed complete confidence that Raptive would earn them more, regardless of revenue share. 


Raptive conducted a detailed site revenue analysis to confirm that Gardening Know How would earn more by running Raptive ads. Raptive and Gardening Know How worked closely together on a more effective ad layout while preserving an exceptional reader experience.

Raptive also added a lucrative top sticky mobile video unit, which enhanced audience engagement and generated incremental revenue lift. 


Gardening Know How saw a 36% RPM lift after switching to Raptive, confirming that a 100% revenue share does not always translate to higher earnings.

From day one, I’ve been highly impressed with the results we’ve achieved working with Raptive.

Peggy Doyle, CEO, Gardening Know How

Three key factors contributed to Gardening Know How’s ability to earn more at Raptive

  • Raptive’s ad code team constantly optimizes ad code to raise revenue.
  • Raptive’s direct sales campaigns are typically sold to premium brands and advertisers at 2-3x the CPMs of open exchange auctions, bringing in revenue they couldn’t get anywhere else.
  • Raptive designed a custom ad layout with recommendations tailored to their site, audience, and long-term business goals.

Here’s what Gardening Know How’s CEO, Peggy Doyle, told us about their experience:

“Raptive has hit it out of the park in terms of revenue optimization and that’s just the start. In addition to their high-performing ad tech, Raptive offers a range of tools that have helped us deepen our connection with our audience and build our brand’s competitive stance, from proprietary tools like Slickstream and Topic to services like affiliate commerce and newsletter optimization. The team that we work with at Raptive has been exceptional—smart, highly responsive, collaborative—and lots of fun, too!”

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