How Raptive is helping creators thrive in a post-cookie world


For decades, the advertising industry relied on third-party cookies for tracking users across the web to build comprehensive profiles and deliver hyper-targeted ads. 

Now, a major shift is happening in how we navigate the internet. Third-party cookies are on their way out, and Google Chrome plans to phase them out entirely by the end of the year.

For years, Raptive has been working behind the scenes to develop alternative solutions for creators.

So, what does the future hold without third-party cookies? In this article, we’ll highlight what Raptive is doing to support creators through these industry changes.

How Raptive is leading the way for creators

Raptive is shaping a future that supports the open web, empowering creators to build sustainable businesses without third-party cookies. 

You’re in the best hands working with us because of our unique position in the industry, our exclusive partnerships, innovative solutions, and our dedicated direct sales team.

Industry leadership

  • W3C: As the only ad management company in the W3C, Raptive team members actively participate in several subgroups, contributing feedback to proposals and playing a leading role in setting industry standards.
  • FLEDGE: Raptive is the only ad management company listed as a Privacy Sandbox Partner. This initiative is focused on developing technologies that safeguard online privacy while also giving companies and developers the tools they need to build successful businesses. 
  • We’re working across the industry to help drive adoption on FLEDGE (now called PA API) and create new products that drive revenue on cookieless traffic.
  • We’re working with the Chrome team and UK Competition and Markets Authority (CMA)  to push Google to change some Sandbox features and remove unfair advantages or ecosystem issues.
  • We’re in discussions with industry stakeholders about transparency and standards for probabilistic IDs.
  • Raptive has a prominent voice in industry press placements – Cookie alternatives and what advertisers have to do next — Our Chief Strategy Officer, Paul Bannister, urges the industry to move beyond mourning the loss of cookies to adapt and innovate to build a fairer advertising world.


We have exclusive relationships with best-in-class identity partners, like Verizon Media’s Connect ID, ID5, and LiveRamp’s Authenticated Traffic Solution, and we’re continually adding new identity partners. 


Raptive’s Email Identity

Raptive Email Identity is our solution for advertisers to buy ads based on your email list as easily as they can buy ads on social media platforms.

Once enabled, whenever a visitor enters an email address into a form on your site (like a newsletter signup), our ad code hashes the email address using an algorithm that converts it into a unique identifier. 

This identifier can’t be reverse-engineered back into an email address — the ID is now a completely anonymous way to associate a visitor who types an email address on one site with a visitor who types the same email address on another site.

Newsletter Identity Capture

Did you know that email-identified traffic earns +80-100% more in cookieless environments?

Raptive’s Newsletter Identity Capture helps creators earn higher CPMs by retaining and refreshing email identities from subscribers when they click links from an email newsletter. 

Advertisers place a higher value on recognized site visitors, so this is a simple way to turn your newsletter clicks into the highest possible CPMs. This solution also helps you grow your base of identified readers, which will be beneficial when third-party cookies go away.

The Newsletter Clickthrough ID is a string added to the end of the links in your email newsletters. Anytime a reader clicks on a link with the Newsletter Clickthrough ID added, the identity is captured in the Raptive identity system.

Slickstream: Membership and Favorites

Slickstream’s Favorites feature encourages visitors to save their favorite content. The feature is also a membership system that increases the number of email addresses you collect. Giving your site visitors the ability to save their favorite content by logging in allows them to find what they love faster when they return.

This not only makes visitors more likely to stay on your site longer and return in the future but also gives you valuable information about what content they prefer.

When site visitors log in using the favorites feature, you also capture their email addresses with our ESP connection. This connection offers simple integration with popular email service providers to grow your subscriber list and first-party data. 

Slickstream Highlighter

Using the Highlighter feature effectively draws attention to your subscribe widget or any other content. When visitors scroll, and the email subscribe element comes into view, the rest of the content on the page is grayed out temporarily, making the email sign-up box impossible to miss, increasing the number of signups.

Contextual: Marmalade

Raptive is helping creators turn valuable first-party and contextual data into higher ad earnings.

Far beyond just emulating the way third-party cookies enable advertisers to target people, we’re focused on helping advertisers reach the right audiences through other privacy-conscious data methods.

As advertisers renew their interest in contextual targeting, our own first-party data systems (like Marmalade) allow them to reach the right people with the right user intent. With innovations in areas like content clusters that map semantic and behavioral data, we can target a reader’s mindset with high accuracy without knowing any personally identifiable information about them. Contextual clusters based on behavior can replicate (or improve) the experience that advertisers are looking for when they use third-party cookies. 

Direct sales

Direct ad sales drive 2-3x higher CPMs than the open market by helping advertisers reach the right people at the right time in ways that protect user privacy. This is why direct sales matters even more in a cookieless future

Raptive has an amazing direct sales team that shows top brands how they can deliver ads to their ideal audiences (and why Raptive sites are the ideal place to do this!).

Raptive is at the forefront of these industry changes, actively involved in setting industry standards, adding exclusive partnerships, introducing cutting-edge solutions, and focusing on direct sales to help our creators make the most money. We’re not just keeping up with changes; we’re driving them.