Getting started with Raptive: Building your custom ad strategy

Linley Linley Mobley

After you’ve submitted your application, our team of performance experts crafts a custom ad strategy for your site.

Before we dive in, here are the friendly faces who will be taking care of you at this stage!

We’ll start by analyzing your site’s traffic (and if you’re running ads, how they’re earning for you)

We’ll also get you started in the Raptive Setup Assistant, our handy tool that walks you through setting up your Raptive account, step by step: 

While we’re able to submit your site to most of our ad partners for approval using just your Raptive application, you’ll need to create or link an existing Google Ad Manager account in order to accept our request to manage your ad inventory. Once that initial approval is out of the way, Google will also require a validation tag on your site to confirm your domain matches the request we’re making to manage the ad inventory on your site.

Once Google approves your application, we’re good to move on!

2. You’ll share about your current ad strategy

If you’re running ads right now, we want to know how you’re approaching it today and understand exactly what you’d like to see with ads on your site in the future. 

If you’re not running ads yet, you’ll skip this step in the Raptive Setup Assistant, and we’ll work with you over email to design an ad layout you love.

3. You’ll add a Raptive user to your Google Analytics account

In addition to gaining insight into your traffic for the analysis, this is also what lets us display your ad performance in your Raptive dashboard once the ads are live on your site.

We’ll craft a completely custom ad layout for you

Once you complete these steps in the Raptive Setup Assistant, we’ll get to work on your site analysis! 

Our team of ad experts will dive into your traffic data, site design, preferences, and current ad performance (if any), so we can design a perfect ad layout for you.

We will only move forward with your site if we’re confident we can help you earn more money, and we’ll share info on what you can expect to see. 

When we’re done, you’ll get a big email with all the fun news!

We’ll get your start date with Raptive on the calendar

Once you review our suggestions and share any feedback with us, we’re excited to move forward and get your start date with Raptive on the calendar! 

If you aren’t under contract with another ad provider, we’ll move right on to the next steps. If you are under contract with an ad provider, we’ll work with you to schedule your first day with Raptive.

To prep for the exciting day when your Raptive ads will be installed, there are a few final steps, so you’ll hop back into the Raptive Setup Assistant:

1. Fill out a Traffic Assignment Letter (TAL) for Comscore

Comscore is like TV ratings for websites, and it’s a tool advertisers rely on to determine where they want to spend their money.

When you fill out a Traffic Assignment Letter (TAL) for Raptive, that tells Comscore to include your traffic in the Raptive group of creators. Raptive aggregates your traffic with all the other sites in our community, putting our network at the #7 spot for ALL web properties in Comscore. That means the collective Raptive network is larger than companies like Pinterest, Dotdash Meredith, and USA Today.

This massive scale of our network makes your site more visible to advertisers and helps our sales team secure the best deals for everyone in the Raptive community! 

2. If you’d like our team to install your ads, share website access

When your start day with Raptive comes around, we don’t want you to have to worry about a thing! If you’d like us to install your ads and take care of removing any previous ad code on the site, you’ll add Raptive as a user to your website.

If you’d like to install the ads yourself, just let us know and we’ll send instructions on how you can get everything up and running.

3. Add an Advertiser Privacy Statement to your site’s privacy policy

When you work with Raptive, we’ll help you stay compliant with any governmental regulations about your ads. You’ll add our Advertiser Privacy Statement to your site’s privacy policy, covering how cookies are used and information for EEA and California readers to keep your ads compliant with GDPR and CCPA.

4. You’ll accept the Raptive Service Agreement

You can check it out right here. This covers information about service terms, confidentiality, compliance with Raptive policies, and more. Once you’ve accepted our Service Agreement, we’ll email you a copy for your records.

Next stop, installing your Raptive ads!

We’ll be able to get you up and running with Raptive ads from within a week (if you’re ready to start right away) to just over a month (if you have to give a 30-day notice to your current ad provider).

When the day comes to get your shiny new ads live on your site, here’s what to expect.