What is Ads.txt?


Ads.txt is a text file that lives on your site and lists the ad networks authorized to sell your site’s ad spaces (i.e., all of the ad partners we work with, like Google). This helps keep unauthorized advertisers from buying ad spaces on your site and prevents sketchy middlemen from representing their site as your site and potentially hurting your site’s reputation with advertisers.

We take care of your ads.txt file 

  • If you’re on WordPress, your Raptive Ads plugin takes care of adding ads.txt to your site, and our regular plugin updates also include updates for ads.txt.
  • If you’re not on WordPress or have a unique hosting setup, our team works with you to make sure your ads.txt file is always up to date.

Important: Editing your ads.txt file can prevent your ads from working properly

To keep your ads earning at full strength, you want to run an up-to-date ads.txt file that includes all our premium buyers. Please don’t make any changes to your ads.txt file without consulting our team! We’re always happy to help with any changes or adjustments needed to ensure your ads are working as they should.

If you’ve previously run other ad networks, like AdSense, you may receive an automated notification from them about making adjustments to your ads.txt file. You’re welcome to forward any of these emails to, and we’ll make sure your ads.txt file includes any necessary entries.