Raptive Unveils Full Suite of Media Opportunities That Connect Advertisers With Its Creators’ 195M+ Audiences

Lauren Lauren Fitzpatrick

Marking its first-ever NewFronts appearance, Raptive (formerly CafeMedia) announced a
slate of new video programming and unique media opportunities across its creators’
premium environments, including websites, social, YouTube, experiential, and more

NEW YORK, May 3, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Raptive made its NewFronts debut today, announcing a slate of premium video content opportunities that offer advertisers and brands new ways to reach its creators’ more than 195M highly engaged audiences.

More now than ever, consumer behavior has shifted toward authentic voices with an approachable point of view. The media brands they seek are personal, recognizable, and friendly – not one-size-fits-all content generators. In fact, 79% of consumers are more likely to act on creators’ advice compared to other content types, and 60% of Gen Z consume more creator content than legacy media.*

“Consumers are looking to real people and authentic voices who are relatable and approachable to inspire them, entertain them, and learn from,” said Marla Newman, EVP of Sales, Raptive. “Creators are the future of media, and Raptive provides access to the best. Our advertising partners can tap into a first-of-its-kind opportunity to connect with these incredible creators to create impactful content, exciting experiences, engaging media solutions, and more they can’t find anywhere else.”

Raptive is the place to find a diverse creator community with authority across all types of content and categories, including BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, and women-owned sites spanning 32 different content verticals. Collectively, Raptive’s more than 4,000 creators drive more than 195 million monthly unique views and deliver more than 2 billion monthly video views. These premium content creators, trendsetters, iconic brands, and charismatic personalities collectively rank #1 in Food, Family, Home, and Lifestyle and the top ten in Travel, Pets, Finance, and Tech.

From Feel Good Foodie and The Home Edit, to The Mediterranean Dish and MacRumors, Raptive creators have founded some of the world’s most beloved online brands, with millions of loyal followers on their sites and across their platforms. They have earned numerous accolades and distinctions, such as The New York Times Best Sellers list placements, sold-out speaking tours, top television series, coveted product lines, critical acclaim from top press outlets, and global brand partnerships, to name just a few.

As part of its NewFronts presentation, Raptive announced a slate of new programming opportunities, including Harry’s Smoke Show, a new BBQ series starring multi-GRAMMY award-winning musician, actor, and entertainer Harry Connick, Jr., original food shows Kitchen HacksGluten-Free Goodness, and Stir Fridays, as well as premium experiences and branded product opportunities with Yo-Yo Ma, Yoga With Adriene and DJ Jazzy Jeff. Joining the line-up are dozens of new short-form social series currently in development, starring Raptive’s incredible creators.

Alongside exciting content, beloved creators, and highly engaged audiences, Raptive provides advertisers with a first-of-its-kind solutions suite that combines media solutions, influencer marketing, and experiential opportunities in one place. Raptive’s one-stop-shop suite of solutions includes:

Creator Experiences
Experiential marketing, in-store activations, events, product development

Content Solutions
Curation and authentic inclusion by our creators, leveraging their own voice and expertise; lives endemically on-site and in social

Custom Ad Solutions
Leveraging creator content in display, social, and shoppable media

Turnkey Sponsorships
Content calendars, tentpole moments, bespoke content packages

Targeted Media Solutions
Hyper-relevant audience and contextual targeting, video/display, programmatic, and direct

Raptive’s NewFronts presentation included CEO Michael Sanchez and EVP, Sales Marla Newman, with appearances by GRAMMY award-winning DJ, DJ Jazzy Jeff, multi-GRAMMY award-winning musician, actor, innovator, and entertainer Harry Connick, Jr., and The New York Times Best Selling authors, creators, and James Beard Award nominees, Sarah and Kaitlin Leung of The Woks of Life.

To learn more about Raptive’s NewFront presentation and its capabilities, visit https://raptive.com/advertisers.

*Source: Deloitte Digital Media Trends Report 2022 and Raptive’s Digital Habits Survey 2020

About Raptive
CafeMedia and AdThrive are now, Raptive, a new kind of creator company on a mission to power creator independence. We provide revenue, audience, and business solutions, and much more for creators and enterprise publishers. Since the beginning of digital content creation, we’ve been leaders in ad management and digital advertising technology, and we continue to expand our services and solutions to match the needs of the 4,000+ creators and enterprise publishers we serve. Raptive’s premium content creators, trendsetters, iconic brands, and charismatic personalities collectively rank #1 in Food, Family, Home, and Lifestyle–with a reach of more than 195M monthly unique visitors and more than half a billion followers across social platforms.

Creators are the future of media. And together, the future is ours to create.

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