CafeMedia and Colossus SSP partner to connect advertisers to the largest network of minority-, women-, and veteran-owned sites

Lauren Lauren Fitzpatrick

NEW YORK, Oct. 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — CafeMedia, the ninth-largest digital property in the U.S. and the leader in ad management, announced today it has partnered with Colossus SSP, Direct Digital Holdings’ (Nasdaq: DRCT) supply-side advertising platform, to connect advertisers with its vast multicultural audiences and enable advertisers to diversify their programmatic spend. Since launching the partnership in May, Colossus SSP has quickly become a top-five monetization partner and delivered high incremental revenue to CafeMedia’s network of sites.

Colossus SSP has recently attracted top-tier marketers such as Bayer, HP, and the NBA, due to its distinct approach as a one-stop-shop to tap into minority-owned, multicultural media and general market inventory at scale. Its offerings are well-aligned to CafeMedia’s creators, which include a mix of minority-, women-, veteran-owned properties and general market sites.

“Colossus SSP’s marketplace has quickly become the leader in helping advertisers reach underrepresented audiences while also meeting their general market objectives,” said Shobha Doshi, Senior Vice President, Programmatic, CafeMedia. “We’re excited to welcome them as a new partner to enable advertisers to diversify their programmatic advertising spend and reach underrepresented communities.”

“The news that Colossus SSP so quickly became a top 5 monetization partner confirms that true diversity in programmatic ad spend – a mix of multicultural and general market – is a winning formula,” said Lashawnda Goffin, CEO, Colossus SSP. “CafeMedia knows that well and its own network of sites is a microcosm of the type of inclusive landscape where brands want to stake claim.”

About CafeMedia

CafeMedia’s mission is to build a creator-first future. We empower the world’s best creators and independent publishers to grow thriving businesses for the long term. Under our CafeMedia and AdThrive brands, we manage digital advertising sales, technology, and a growing number of services for more than 4,000 creators and independent publishers. We make it easy for them to focus on what they do best — produce great content.

Our passion and expertise have made us a leader in advertising and creator services. Today we rank as the ninth-largest digital property in the U.S. and #1 in Food, Home, and Lifestyle–with a reach of more than 185M monthly unique visitors in the U.S. alone.

About Colossus SSP

Part of Direct Digital Holdings (Nasdaq: DRCT), Colossus SSP is a proprietary supply-side platform that delivers a diverse marketplace, enabling brands of all sizes to connect with multicultural and general market audiences at scale. In addition, the company’s consulting arm provides brand marketers with meaningful insights and actionable guidance for connecting with a variety of curated audiences—Black, Hispanic, Asian, LGBTQ, and more.

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