CafeMedia and AdThrive are now Raptive, a new kind of creator company

Lauren Lauren Fitzpatrick
  1. CafeMedia and AdThrive are now Raptive

  2. Why rebrand? We are ad management and so much more today, and this new unified brand best positions us for continued growth and more new opportunities for our creators, our advertisers, and our partners

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NEW YORK, April 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — CafeMedia today announced it has rebranded and unified all three of its brands – AdThrive, CafeMedia, and CafeMedia Ad Management – into one company, now called Raptive. A fresh, new visual identity accompanies the new brand and publicly marks the company’s ongoing evolution from an ad management network to a new kind of creator company–transforming creators and enterprise publishers into lasting businesses that can compete at the highest levels on their own terms.

“Our company has evolved. While we remain the largest ad management company and continue to invest significantly in ads, we’ve expanded our services and solutions to match the needs of the creators and enterprise publishers we serve,” said Michael Sanchez, Chief Executive Officer, Raptive. “Our new brand, Raptive, reflects that transformation. It positions us to best support our creators now and in the future. And it unlocks a first-of-its-kind opportunity for advertising partners to connect with our amazing creators to create impactful content, exciting experiences, engaging media solutions, and more. Creators are the future of media, and Raptive provides access to the best.”

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“Our new brand captures the dynamism, energy, and excitement behind our efforts to put the power in the hands of our creators,” adds Raptive’s Chief Marketing Officer, Steph Dolgins. “We see ourselves as a catalyst, enabling them to compete at the highest levels – on their own terms. Our new name, Raptive, signals the immense possibilities and opportunities we can unlock together.”

The company’s rebrand comes on the heels of a series of milestones and new offerings that deliver even more opportunities to creators and advertisers. In October 2022, the company introduced new and expanded solutions and service levels for creators to help them grow and engage their audiences, make the most money, diversify their revenue with affiliate and e-commerce, and build their businesses. At the beginning of this year, the company surpassed $2B paid out to creators. And in February, a new sales leadership team joined the company led by digital media veteran Marla Newman, who joined as Executive Vice President and has rolled out a new multiplatform sales strategy that connects advertisers with our creators’ premium environments at scale to amplify their message. The company will be presenting for the first time at the 2023 IAB NewFronts on Wednesday, May 3, 2023, at 10:20 am ET where the market will get the first live unveiling of the new brand and our expanded advertising offerings.

Raptive (formerly CafeMedia and AdThrive) continues to grow quickly with more ways to help creators expand their businesses and new opportunities for advertisers to access their highly engaged communities. The company’s reach is now at an all-time high, positioned as the seventh largest digital property (and the only company in the Comscore top 15 fully powered by creators) with 195M unique visitors reached each month* (that’s 78% of everyone you know) across its more than 4,000 creators.

The company continues to attract the world’s best creators who are pioneers in their respective verticals and are shaping the future of digital media and community. From Feel Good Foodie and The Woks of Life to DJ Jazzy Jeff and MacRumors, Raptive creators have founded some of the world’s most beloved online brands, with millions of loyal followers on their sites and across their platforms. They have earned numerous accolades and distinctions, such as The New York Times Best Sellers list placements, sold-out speaking tours, top television series, coveted product lines, critical acclaim from top press outlets, and global brand partnerships, to name just a few.

The new brand and visual identity are rolling out across all Raptive-owned and operated sites and platforms over the next few weeks. To experience Raptive and its new visual identity on April 19th, visit

About Raptive
CafeMedia and AdThrive are now, Raptive, a new kind of creator company on a mission to power creator independence. We provide revenue, audience, and business solutions, and much more for creators and enterprise publishers. Since the beginning of digital content creation, we’ve been leaders in ad management and digital advertising technology, and we continue to expand our services and solutions to match the needs of the 4,000+ creators and enterprise publishers we serve. Raptive’s premium content creators, trendsetters, iconic brands, and charismatic personalities collectively rank #1 in Food, Family, Home, and Lifestyle–with a reach of more than 195M monthly unique visitors and more than half a billion followers across social platforms.

Creators are the future of media. And together, the future is ours to create.

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