We’re excited to help Google launch MCM

Linley Linley Mobley

Sometimes the digital advertising industry is like a bowl of alphabet soup…

  • RPM — calculate it!
  • CSS — minify it!
  • SEO — optimize for it!
  • GDPR — comply with it!
  • And so on.

Well, now there’s a new acronym in town, MCM — Multiple Customer Management.

What is Multiple Customer Management (MCM)?

AdThrive, and its parent company, CafeMedia, are Google Certified Publishing Partners (another acronym for you — GCPP). Being a GCPP means our ad optimization, policies, financials, business practices, and ad layouts are Google-approved. 

Why should I care about MCM?

Every publisher who is approved to join our network must also be approved to work with Google. Google is replacing the way it approves publishers with this new and more robust method, MCM. 

In addition, MCM helps reduce fraud in digital advertising and increase advertiser trust. It enables Google to vet publishers more directly to ensure there aren’t bad actors misrepresenting the value of their traffic or ad inventory, which ultimately defrauds advertisers.

It’s a much-needed release that supports other recent initiatives to reduce fraud, like ads.txt and Sellers.json, and protects advertisers and publishers alike! 

While we already take great measures to ensure the publishers we work with produce high-quality, original, brand-safe content advertisers feel confident about placing their ads next to, we’re highly supportive of these efforts to make the ecosystem better. 

The added level of protection MCM brings will help ensure other GCPPs begin enforcing policies that look a bit more like the ones we already have in place, which means increased advertiser trust and spending.

What do I need to do?

We’ve been working closely with Google for the past year and a half to help shape and ease the process of moving to the new MCM system, so if you’re with us, you’re in the best hands. We will be reaching out to our existing publisher to support them through the process, and we also have a number of resources available in our publisher exclusive Resource Center to help them navigate the switch.

I’m not with AdThrive or CafeMedia — what do I need to do for MCM?

It’s critical to make sure you’re working with a Google Certified Publishing Partner that will help you navigate things like MCM and other transparency measures! We all have to do our part to make sure digital advertising stays healthy and thriving.

Be sure to reach out to your ad management company to make sure they’re ready (and excited) for Google’s MCM and have plans for getting you set up before the deadline. 

If you’re interested in joining AdThrive, apply here.