5 ways to make your videos more engaging: interview with YouTube Strategic Partner Manager Emmanuel Perez

Brynne Brynne Delerson

Whether it’s outlining a new vlog series or simply learning the basics of increasing TikTok traffic, we know that video strategy is top of mind for many creators.

And as part of our dedication to making sure our publishers continue to earn the most through video, we hosted an AdThrive-exclusive webinar with YouTube Strategic Partner Manager, Emmanuel Perez through our Work Smarter series (available for all AdThrive publishers to watch anytime inside the AdThrive Resource Center.)

Here are the top 5 takeaways we learned from our conversation with Emmanuel:

1. Take note of videos that make viewers stop scrolling

As Emmanuel put it: 

“Think about the last really interesting thing that you found online or that you shared with someone. Chances are it was probably a video.”

Emmanuel Perez

Regardless of niche, site visitors are in search of something authentic that answers their question or sparks excitement. When it comes to creating a strong video strategy, it can help to start by thinking about the type of videos that will make a viewer stop scrolling and watch. Take note of the format, length, and editing techniques that creators with highly engaging videos are already using.

2. Keep mobile viewers in mind 

Viewers aren’t just watching videos on mobile through TikTok and YouTube – they’re watching videos on mobile everywhere. EMarketer estimates that by 2023, Smartphone video viewers worldwide will grow to 2.22 billion, from 1.68 billion in 2019.

Here’s what Emmanuel had to say when it comes to the mobile viewing experience:

“I don’t think that all video has to be mobile-first, but it should at least be mobile-friendly. That means taking into consideration the sound, the length, and the way that it’s shaped. Everything wants to be comfortable on your phone as opposed to phones trying to figure out how to be comfortable with a video.”

Emmanuel Perez

3. Make videos “snackable” 

Emmanuel used the word “snackable” in our discussion to describe the rising trend he’s seeing across all platforms to make videos more easily digestible:

“Two-minute videos are on the rise because it’s what’s snackable between a meeting… but it’s not just the length it’s also about pacing…as videos get shorter, people still want to fit a lot of things into it, and even if it’s one thing you want to pull away, you still only have a limited amount of time of their attention.”

Emmanuel Perez

To make videos more “snackable”, it’s helpful to think about pacing rather than just length. What are the key points of the video, and what’s the best way to move from one point to the next in an engaging way?

4. Incorporate ways for viewers to contribute 

Emmanuel believes most viewers look for (and anticipate) having an opportunity to engage with or contribute to the content when watching a video. 

“Viewers having the ability to somehow contribute or engage with the video is getting really huge on most of these video platforms. They are constantly rolling out features that make viewers feel like they’re contributing in some way. And if it isn’t an interactive platform that’s just for video viewing, there are still people doing things where they call out the community and feel like they’re contributing to the next video. Give them somewhere to express that, whether that’s a comment section, a forum, or a thread where they can submit something or share ideas.”

Emmanuel Perez

Look for ways to help viewers feel like they can participate after watching a video, or add a call to action to the end, such as inviting them to subscribe to a newsletter.

5. Test video ideas in short-form before moving to long-form

Short-form video is on the rise across all platforms, making it the perfect time to test out ideas for long-form content in this format.

“I think short-form content is the best for experimenting because it can be less of a load. You can do longer pieces of content and then make them into short pieces of content and take learnings from that.” 

Emmanuel Perez

Considering hosting a podcast? Try making a short-form video on the basics of the topic first, to see how well it performs. This can help maximize time and ensure the topics at hand are worth the effort.


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Emmanuel’s quotes were lightly edited for length and clarity.