Meet Steph: our new CMO

Raptive Raptive

As we look ahead to the future of online publishing, our focus is always the same — what can we do to make sure the AdThrive community has all the tools and the support they need to grow and flourish? How can we ensure our publishers continue to see measurable improvements in their revenue and traffic?

In addition to our focus on unique monetization partnerships, data and analytics, and driving ad tech improvements across the web, we see an opportunity to raise industry-wide awareness of the importance and power of the independent content creator — the publishers who are the heart of the open web, whose passionate audiences are central to the success of any new campaign or initiative.

And we have brought in a seasoned marketing expert who will help us build new relationships between our network and the industry leaders who can power our next stage of growth.

Throughout her career, Steph Dolgins has been a champion for content creators and has demonstrated her ability to build successful brands at creator-first businesses like Tumblr, where she was CMO, and SoundCloud. Thanks to her work leading AOL’s transition from syndicated to original content across the lifestyle, health, and women’s verticals, Steph has a deep understanding of both editorial and advertising needs, and the exciting opportunities that sit at that intersection.

As our CMO, Steph works across our entire company to ensure we are unified as we tell the story of the AdThrive network and all of our publishers via advertising, promotions, public relations, and market research.

Our goal is to help AdThrive publishers grow their revenue and their audiences, and Steph’s expertise in this space will help us in our drive to create more meaningful connections between publisher experiences and the advertising industry.

A major focus will be raising awareness of our community so that top advertisers and agencies think of us first when they want to reach devoted audiences with their campaigns, which will draw even more world-class publishers to our network to continue growing the scale of the AdThrive community.

With Steph’s extensive knowledge and innovative strategies, we’re optimally positioned to forge forward and continue growing in healthy ways while staying true to the heart of our company — serving you each and every day so you’re free to pursue your dreams.

Three fun facts about Steph

  1. Since the coronavirus pandemic started back in March 2020, Steph has practiced yoga every day. That’s 250 days in a row. She’s got 115 to go to make it to her goal of 365 consecutive days!
  2. Together with her daughter, Isabel, they’ve placed 25,000 puzzle pieces so far in 2020.
  3. Steph and her son, Lucas, share a serious love for sweets — chocolate chip banana bread, chocolate chip cookies, and fudge brownies are their favorites and Steph is always looking for new recipes.